The Challenge

International regulatory compliance dictates that organizations must know the ongoing risk their suppliers pose to not only themselves but also the risk they pose to their clients. Continually changing operational conditions can have severe impact on businesses and their suppliers. The ability of an organization to continue providing business services in the face of adverse operational events is essential.

The Solution

With the application of Distributed Ledger technology, SupplyBlock’s Vendor Risk Assessment tool enables automated rating of service providers and the overall risk they pose to not only to the company but to their clients as well. Inefficiencies and risks associated with often highly manual based assessments (e.g. spreadsheets) are eliminated e.g. wasted man hours, key person dependency, liability and potential reputational risks as a result of human error.

The Method

By replacing manual risk processes with auditable technology solutions organizations can achieve greater operational resilience. SupplyBlock’s Vendor Risk Assessment module is an ongoing risk measurement and due diligence tool that significantly reduces administratively intensive manual processes, providing less dependency on key personnel and associated liability risks as a result of human error. Over and above this, institutional knowledge and IP is embedded in the system as opposed to being locked up with key individuals leaving the business exposed should something happen these individual/s.

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