What does SupplyBlock do?

Blockchain-Powered Technology Solutions

SupplyBlock’s blockchain-powered technology solutions are uniquely designed to improve operational resilience and efficiency. Its cross-sector applications significantly reduce the risk of fraud and error, along with enhanced auditability and reporting.
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core features

A single platform with multiple applications. SupplyBlock offers an end-to-end integrated technology solution that optimizes efficiency within a secure, transparent and auditable environment.

Active Compliance

Proactive and early warning notifications alert users of expiring documents, key cut-off dates and incomplete information – thereby enforcing compliance throughout the automated process.


Holistic Technology Solution

Both RFX originator and bidder use the same platform to ensure a holistic procurement solution that services the full procurement value chain.


Secure Audit Trail

The ability to audit and track transactions across the entire end-to-end process (blockchain logged) ensures operational excellence.


Integrated Decentralized Ledger Technology

Provides evolutionary advantages with regards to process and data integrity.



Platform configuration is template driven…it is easily customizable and offers specific components on a modular basis depending on the user’s requirements.


Automated Scoring

Advanced scoring and reporting mitigates risk of manipulation and corruption.

Technology Offering

SupplyBlock technology solutions mitigate risk and drive process & cost efficiencies in a secure, transparent and fully auditable environment, providing a proactive business-to-business platform that reduces risk of fraud and enforces active compliance & operational resilience.


SupplyBlock technology solves problems associated with supplier verification, categorization and active compliance through a combination of manual and automated verification processes.



SupplyBlock provides an innovative, easy-to-use blockchain integrated technology platform that is both process & cost efficient, secure and completely auditable across the entire value chain.



SupplyBlock technology limits risks associated with miss-spent funds and aligns procurement processes with complicated global and country specific macro requirements and challenges.



SupplyBlock’s Vendor Risk Assessment tool enables automated rating of service providers and the overall risk they pose to not only to the company but to their clients as well.

A Proactive
business-to-business solutions platform

A dynamic interface allows for easy configuration and customization. Modules are designed to be user friendly and efficient and can be deployed to meet ever-evolving business needs.

Features and functions

Over and above the core functionality, examples of Key Enhancements built into the system design include:

Reverse / Forward Auction

This feature usually has a timeframe restriction in which bidders can see other bidders bid prices and can out bid their competitors e.g. asset disposal. Bidder identities are disclosed to the RFX originator but remain anonymous to their competitors.

Irregularity Flagging

Automated flagging is built into the system configuration to identify anomalies based off numerous data points. Machine learning ability enables the system to learn traits of users and to notify admin in the event of an anomaly.

Best & Final Offer

Allows the RFX creator to reset a supplier’s bid to “requote” to allow them to refine their offer and resubmit it into the process. This leads to more competitive bids.

Data Analysis

Ability to download report information into Excel for long-tail analysis, interrogation and scenario outputs of data in system.

Template Creation

Allows users to easily create templates for various sections of the RFX document e.g. NDA’s, legal notices etc. This significantly improves time spent on creating new bids in the system.

Continuous Verification

Using best in class verification APIs, suppliers are continuously polled to ensure proactive identification of potential changes which may introduce increased risk.

“We understand the challenges associated with digitizing and simplifying business processes in order to optimize operational efficiency. ​”

Stuart James

“SupplyBlock is at the forefront of innovation in the operational resilience, supply chain optimization and digital solutions space. We pride ourselves on meeting customer expectations in a rapidly changing market.”

Werner Coetzee


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The world economy is under distress. The ability of organizations to continue to provide business services in the face of adverse operational conditions is essential.
Solutions that can improve operational efficiencies and overcome traditional challenges such as corruption and gross mismanagement of funds are highly desirable.

auditable Transparent technology solutions

Our holistic solution allows suppliers to reduce their risk by using template-based forms which greatly reduce time taken to complete assessments and help in eliminating errors and omissions in their returns.
By combining Modules, organizations can further increase efficiencies for both the organization and Supplier by ensuring that the entire risk and assessment cycle becomes less prone to errors, faster, more efficient and 100% auditable.

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